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Experience authentic European Sardines and Pole & Line Caught Tuna from Portugal!

Join the Santo Amaro family on our mission to revive artisanal fishing to Save Our Oceans!

Embark on a journey

with Santo Amaro® selected flavors of the world packed with European Sardines and Pole & Line Tuna Fillets!

All natural, No additives

no vegetable broth + processed fresh, not frozen on the fishing vessel + Non-GMO, Gluten Free and BPA Free.


The European country with an age-old artisanal Tuna fishing tradition where Santo Amaro® Tuna is caught and all Santo Amaro® products are hand-packed!

Santo Amaro supports

Artisanal fishing communities that respect workers, families, and tradition!

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We protect the sea and juvenile fish.

100% ocean caught.

No Genetically Modified Organisms.

Zero Fishing with Dolphins.

Cans free of BPA.

We support artisanal fishing methods.

Why Santo Amaro®?

Santo Amaro® brings you Europe’s best Sardines and Pole & Line Caught Tuna directly from Portugal!

Santo Amaro’s founding fishing family invites you to taste our fresh and flavorful Atlantic Ocean wild European Sardines and Pole & Line caught Tuna.

We are commited to saving our ocean resources and artisanal fishing communities.

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We are a fishing family

from Portugal


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Santo Amaro® Tuna has less mercury content than others.

  • Santo Amaro® Skipjack Tuna* 0.12ppm 12% 12%
  • Skipjack (light) Tuna** 0.14ppm 14% 14%
  • Yellowfin (light) Tuna** 0.35ppm 35% 35%
  • Albacore (white) Tuna** 0.36ppm 36% 36%
  • Big Eye (light) Tuna** 0.69ppm 69% 69%
  • FDA legal Max.** 1.00ppm 100% 100%

*Average Santo Amaro® ** Source: U.S. FDA 1990 -2012

Santo Amaro® provides each product’s mercury level measured by an independent European Union certified laboratory. Contact us with your Lot No. found on the side of the package and team@santoamaro.com will respond with your specific test result.