"Truly Sustainable" and Traceable:

Wild Tuna  caught by small Portuguese family-owned Pole & Line fishing boats. Sustainably caught European Sardines.



Key benefits of Artisanal Fishing

  • No contact with the seafloor
  • Essentially no by-catch
  • Any accidentally captured fish are released free of harm
  • Provides a lifeline for fishing communities
  • In harmony with the marine environment
  • More artisanal catch means less need for destructive industrialized fishing

We believe that Santo Amaro® is the


canned Tuna that exists. Here’s why.

We are Sustainable!

At Santo Amaro® we are working to build a better world for future generations by preserving our resources with our ancestors’ traditions. With your support, we’ll be able to rebuild our fishing communities and continue producing all natural products, made by dedicated artisans.